Ultimate Guide To Healthcare Content Marketing Tips, Examples, & Benefits

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Compared to other industries, the healthcare industry has been lagging in adopting a strong content marketing approach. However, in the past three years (2017 – 2019), the implementation of content marketing for healthcare has increased by more than 26%.

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What Is Healthcare Content Marketing?

Healthcare content marketing promotes brand awareness, in addition to patient engagement and retention. And as a digital marketing strategy, hospitals and healthcare providers will be able to engage and inform potential patients through valuable online content.

Why Content Marketing For Healthcare Is Essential

Content marketing is perfect for healthcare providers and hospitals. Through a strategy of creating and sharing authentic information, healthcare providers can achieve short-term and long-term business development goals. This means they can be viewed as a trusted and respected source within the industry with the expertise to cater to medical or health needs.

Healthcare Content Marketing Benefits

1. Improve Your Online Visibility

Good content can improve online visibility and search engine rankings, especially if you optimize your content with search engine optimization (SEO). Publishing new and expert information through content marketing in healthcare and using relevant keywords in the title, subheads, and elsewhere throughout your website text will significantly boost SEO.

2. Great Long-term ROI

Content creation offers good value for money. Estimates show that content creation is about 62% less expensive than traditional marketing options & generates about 3 times as many leads. 

3. Helps To Get More Leads

Content marketing will trigger more inbound leads and prospects. Direct inquiries, suitable sales leads, and prospects come naturally from the readers seeing good content on landing pages or website pages.

4. Reach A Qualified Audience

The target audience for healthcare-related content are individuals already seeking for your authoritative health or procedure-related information. Content marketing is an opportunity to position your brand in front of potential patients looking for your expertise. 

5. Become The Authority People Trust

Strategic information sharing through content on your website’s blog increases readership, especially if you become a trusted source people like to share. The types of content that work best are highly relevant and entertaining blogs that are well-positioned towards the medical needs of your desired audience.

Medical Content Marketing Tips For Healthcare Professionals

1. Understand The Importance Of Video

Studies estimate that most traffic online exists through video format. Therefore, the growing adoption of video by healthcare marketing is an efficient and effective means of telling the story behind your brand.

2. Think Audience First

Tailor your material to suit a certain audience or group that you want to engage and influence with time. Always remember to put their interests first.

3. Keep It Easy To Understand

The best healthcare content marketing materials are presented in conversational tones with people-oriented story-telling to explain complex issues easier. Physicians need to make their messaging more digestible so that everyone in your audience can relate to your points better.

4. Be Patient

Results from content marketing are not immediate. It requires growth in audience size and their level of acceptance. However, to increase your traffic, each post can be paired with traditional (and more instant) advertising methods such as Google Ads, depending on the marketing objectives.

5. Post Content Consistently

In content marketing, your value derives from being a reliable and consistent brand providing fresh material and regular updates. Start with minimal effort that can be sustained and built upon over time.

Effective Content Marketing Strategies For Healthcare

1. Create Sharable Content

Medical content creation requires that you imagine yourself in the same situation as a patient. Potential patients want answers to questions about their health, how to stay healthy, and professional advice on living with a specific ailment.

2. Post The Latest Industry News

Your patients expect you to have the latest information about medical breakthroughs and other advances in medical science. Creating newsworthy content ensures that you attract visitors to your site, build authority, and engender trust from your audience. Try posting up to date blog or social media posts as often as you can.

3. Be Niche-Specific

Every doctor has an area of expertise or niche that they focus on. Before you start going over your healthcare content marketing strategy with a digital marketing agency, you should identify your focus area and the core issues within that niche. You can then create content based on your findings.

Healthcare Content Marketing Examples

Example 1: J&J | Campaign for Nursing’s Future

After experts forecasted a nationwide shortage of nurses by 2020, Johnson & Johnson came up with a campaign to grow the Nursing industry’s future.

The long-running social media campaign features articles, podcasts, training, and other resources to support nurses. This is the perfect example of running a digital campaign for a cause. As a result, it is projected that there will be a steady increase in the nursing workforce through 2030.

Example 2: Mayo Clinic | Sharing

Mayo Clinic, a leading player in healthcare content marketing, runs a blog that provides extensive information to patients. The blog contains topics from diagnoses, treatment plans, and medical research.

The great thing about Mayo Clinic’s online library is that the content is provided by the hospital’s patients and staff from across the world. These contributors tap into their own experiences in dealing with various health issues to provide authoritative content with a personal touch. By implementing this type of content strategy, Mayo Clinic’s website provides online community support for patients and the general public.

Example 3: AbbVie | Scientist Rock!

AbbVie runs an exceptional Q&A series known as Scientists Rock!, which covers the personal passion of different employees every month. Through this type of content, experts get to talk about their sources of inspiration for the work they do.

This gives the audience a peek into the lives of these scientists in a way that’s fun and manageable. It’s humane and enlightening.

Moreover, the content presents AbbVie as a lively and engaging company with employees who find meaning and beauty in the world.

Reach More Patients Online With Content Marketing!

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