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We Are TurnKey Mate.

A Miami-based, full-service advertising agency that delivers high-performance, advertising and digital marketing, solutions.

We work with companies who are eager to grow their sales and digital footprint. That's why we implement working methods, instead of reinventing the wheel.

Work With Real Heroes

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Marcellus G.

CEO & Founder

With his affinity for advanced digital marketing technologies and deep understanding for sales-driven advertising strategies, and with a deep appreciation for the entrepreneurial spirit, Marcellus is spearheading TurnKey Mate while focusing on improving continuous client success. Marcellus’ favorite hero is Iron Man.

Yolande B.

Creative Copy Genius

With her cleverness, passion for detail, and her persistence to design exceptional creatives, Yolande is responsible to bring our advertising campaigns and other marketing assets to life, in every format. Yolande’s favorite character is Velma Dinkley.

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William P.

Web & SEO Master

Just like Thor controls the thunder, his SEO & web design skills strike with precision. William is responsible for our SEO web pages. William’s favorite hero is Thor.

John B.

Client Success Accelerator

With lightning speed, John is TurnKey Mate’s client success accelerator and manages prospect relationships and on-boarding before they turn into successful TurnKey Mate clients. John’s favorite hero is the Flash.

advertising agency miami turnkey mate john hero cartoon

Morgan C.

SEO & Advertising Ninja

With his ruthless, but ROI-driven approach to advertising, Morgan is responsible¬†for our high-performance ad campaigns and makes sure that we maximize every single advertising dollar that we use. Morgan’s favorite ninja is Ninja Turtle Donatello.

advertising agency miami turnkey mate morgan hero cartoon

Get $500 In Monthly
Ad Credit With Us!

Let our team audit your current digital marketing and advertising efforts to uncover hidden opportunities to help your business grow.

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