What Is GMB Listing And Can Optimizing It Benefit Your Local Business Online

what is a gbm listing

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With the use of phone books coming to an end, businesses are moving their local marketing efforts online. Not only does it make your business easier to find, but with the help of online business directories such as GMB (Google My Business), you can reach more potential customers that would otherwise have to drive by or look you up in the local Yellow Pages. Google My Business has become an essential tool for companies looking to grow their local business online.

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1. What Is GMB Listing?

Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool created by Google to help a business manage their presence on Google. A Google My Business Account (also known as a Google My Business Listing, GMB listing, or GMB account) is a core part of local SEO when people search Google for a business.

“46% of all searches on Google are local.” - ChatMeter

Google My Business is similar to an online directory listing and a social media business account all rolled into one GMB profile. Business owners can post on their Google My Business (GMB) listing to show promote products or events. Business owners can also use their Google My Business (GMB) listing to give potential customers business hours or contact information for their business.

2. Why Is GMB So Powerful For Business?

Google is the top search engine in the world, and Google will show a Google My Business (GMB) Listing on its search results before Google will show other platforms on its search results. A Google My Business listing allows you to put your local business on Google’s front page of search results for customers to find when they make a local search on Google. If a customer makes a local search on Google like “catering business in Florida”, your Google My Business (GMB) listing will show up on Google before the rest of Google’s search results.

“78% of local searches result in an in-store purchase” -Social Media Today

When someone searches your business name on Google, Google will display your Google My Business (GMB) listing next to the top search results on Google complete with a Google Maps location of your business. Google My Business is also a vital way to show positive GMB reviews to people who make a local search on Google. Google offers every business an account on Google My Business. Google also offers data from Google that you can use about your customers and what they look for in a Google search.

3. What Is GMB Optimization?

In order to get new customers through Google and also keep them loyal to your business, you need to optimize Google My Business. On Google My Business, an optimized account will help you provide information about your business to populate Google Maps and also aid in voice search results on Google. After all, Google Maps is a vital way for customers to find your business, as most people who use Google also use Google Maps.

“Search is 300% more effective than social media in directing website traffic.” -imFORZA

You need your Google My Business (GMB) profile to include information Google can show customers to help them find you in a local search and using Google Maps. You also need your Google My Business profile to show customers that your local business is the best business they’ll find in their Google search.

4. How To Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

The first step to optimizing your Google My Business Account is to make sure your business information is entirely accurate. This should be true not just for Google, but anywhere your business details are listed online outside of Google My Business.

In Google, The Google Posts feature of the Google My Business Account can help you promote events or sales on Google, so use Google Posts to your advantage to make the most of Google My Business.

Google Posts should also contain photos and videos, as should your Google My Business Listing. These will attract customers who search on Google for your business and to your Google My Business profile.

“More than 50% of ’near me’ searches result in a store visit” -Social Media Today

Localized content on your Google My Business listing will help your business show up higher on Google search results. This, combined with Google Maps, will help your business find more customers through your Google My Business Account.

An excellent Google My Business description on your GMB profile should include local SEO keywords and show customers a lot more about your business than just your business name. For example, your Google My Business description could describe the mission and story of your business.

As a final optimization tip, make sure to choosing the right business category for your Google My Business listing since it will also help your business optimize for more local search phrases.

Are Your Customers Finding Your GMB Listing?

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